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The Ambitious VET Show

Jul 29, 2019

Do you know what your military service is worth? Depending on your rank and size of your professional network you could be missing out on $1,000s of dollars in lost opportunities. What’s the secret?
Scott has created a LinkedIn training program to reveal it!
As a veteran, you want to enjoy a lucrative career, right? In this episode, Scott doesn't hold back on what it takes to build influence, leverage, and liberty in an age where we have more tools than ever to create the life we want post military. 

As a West Point grad who transitioned without a plan, Scott knows it can be costly to misuse the tools and resources right in front of you.

Learn for his lessons Ambitious VET in this #GoldenGrenade packed conversation. 


Once Interview starts:

0-5:30 minutes: Pain of Mediocrity

5:30- 7:52 minutes: From dating a German Opera singer to rediscovering his purpose, while bootstrapping every step of the way 

7:52- 10:16 minutes:  The real risk when you get out 

10:16- 15:44 minutes: How he found his purpose after loosing his German Opera Singer girlfriend and loosing his father shortly after. (Scott's desperate moment we all get to after the uniform) 

15:44- 18:32 minutes: How being Institutionalized stunts our growth in becoming more post military 

18:32- 21:56 minutes: The one thing Scott is known for and how he consistently lives FREE, without worry, fear, or concerns 

21:56- 25:16 minutes- His brand new LinkedIn Liberty Masterclass where you can go create your future, right now 

25:16- 29:40 minutes- Details on the FREE Program 

29:40- END- Scott's three #GoldenGrenades that will equip you to build influence, leverage, and liberty in life 


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