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The Ambitious VET Show

Aug 5, 2019

Are you an Ambitious VET who deals with the landmine we like to call depression? I know I have moments to this day that depression tries to creep up and expose its ugly head in the face of me committed to becoming more in life. Richard Kaufman, an Army Veteran who has failed more times than the average joe drops in and unleashes #goldengrenades for you to be inspired to never give up in the face of life's darkest moments. 


Once Interview starts:

0- 10:58 minutes: The down and dirty of Richard's life of starting as an alcoholic by the age of 12 years old

10:58- 17:50 minutes: How self help and mentors helped Richard pull himself out of the darkness

17:50- 20:25 minutes: The moment he was run over by a humvee and lost sight in his eye 

20:25- 22:01 minutes: His vision to save 1 million first responders and Veterans lives 

22:01- 24:00 minutes: Three #GoldenGrenades 

               1) Stay Humble 2) Stay Teachable 3) Find Good Mentors 

24:00- END: Acknowledging Richard and all his efforts to overcome some pretty tough life adversities 


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