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The Ambitious VET Show

Aug 11, 2019

Want to know why you are feeling like you are reacting to life's problems, conflicts, and obstacles versus creating a life by your own design on your own time? The problem isn't all the actions you are taking that are getting you unfulfilling results, it is simply your mindset. Gilbert, an Enlisted Naval Officer Veteran, CEO of TLD Recruiting and Veterans Franchise Group, shares in this episode, his keys to living an extraordinary life on your terms after transition. 


Once Interview starts:

0- 6:10 minutes: His next mission of empowering Veterans passion and a little unknown secret no one knows about him 

6:10- 13:00 minutes: a resource that allowed him to break through the victim mindset of being at the effect of life and allowed him to communicate better, more powerfully, and with more confidence

13:00- 19:57 minutes: After two transitions, twenty interviews, and feeling lost, what he learned about creating a life by design

19:57- 23:50 minutes: How not having a vision for your life is having you feel stuck, unfilled, and lost

23:50- 36:10 minutes: The myths in starting a franchise after the military and how to breakthrough them 

36:10- 38:00 minutes: Gilbert's three golden grenades 

1) Building a team around your primary aim 2) Clear Vision 3) Develop yourself 

38:00- End: Acknowledgement and how to find Gilbert 



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