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The Ambitious VET Show

Aug 30, 2019

Want to know how to enjoy the journey in earning what you want in life after the uniform comes off? In this episode Wally Carmichael, founder and host of the Men of Abundance Podcast, The Pay it Forward Community and founder of Abundance and Prosperity Business Mastery shares how he went from a trailer park lifestyle to climbing up to one of the highest ranks in the United States Army. His #goldengrenades around what he learned when his networking and knowledge failed to get him his first job after the Army and how he gave up chasing a life he thought he wanted only to gain stronger relationships, resources, and more fulfillment. If you are looking to increase in faith, family, life, fitness, and finance, this interview will keep you moving forward! 


Once the interview starts: 

0-4:45 minutes: His humble beginnings 

4:45- 7:49 minutes: how he found traction after spending four months throwing his resume at USA Jobs with no success. 

7:49- 10:36 minutes: What it was like for him to wait four months to jump back into his next mission in life after 25 years of service.

10:36- 12:22 minutes: How networking and having the wrong knowledge can impact your opportunities after service. 

12:22- 14:25 minutes: How he shifted his mindset from just throwing his resume out to gain himself opportunity to helping others how this shift brought everything he ever wanted. 

14:25- 18:42 minutes: His pivotal movement while sitting in his beach house with his family that had him realize what he was chasing wasn't really the thing he wanted the most.

18:42- 24:07 minutes: What is possible when you don't chase money. 

24:07- 28:30 minutes: How to pay it forward and increase in family, faith, fitness, finance, and life. 

28:30- 32:22 minutes: Wally's three golden grenades: 

1) Be abundant in your thoughts and actions 

2) Pay it forward

3) Enjoying the journey 

32:22- End: Wally's special giveaway and acknowledgement 


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