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The Ambitious VET Show

Sep 21, 2019

What happens when you have exhausted all of your FREE resources, you are backed against a wall and you have to come up with an answer to why you haven't identified that core purpose that drives you after the uniform comes off? This is where we are defined as veterans 3+ years separated or retired. Ricoh Danielson, author of "The Rise of the Vetrepreneur" shares how he went from ramen noodles, 4 failed businesses to finding his purpose in the cyber security sector and investing into other ventures that aligns with his next mission in life. 


Once the interview starts: 

0-6: How he builds grit to get shit down

6-9: His trial/error approach to finding traction and what the uniform means to Ricoh

9- 12: His most challenge time learning how to win and how he coped with not failure and being stopped

12- 17: Ricoh's philosophy on staying true to one self, while refueling to get back into the fight

17-19:45 : His learned lesson of placing his ambition in the wrong things 

19:45- 22:30: Why he wrote the playbook on how to build fortitude and grit as a Ambitious VET and Veteran Entrepreneur.  

22:30- 24: Talking about chapter 9: Doing what you can with what you got. 

24- END: Ricoh's three Golden Grenades and Special Offer 


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