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The Ambitious VET Show

Sep 30, 2019

Your service doesn't have to end after the military, and neither does your income. In this episode, Markian Sich of Active Duty Passive Income talks about the seed that was planted and the romance that drove him to launch a global military real estate investing movement. Don't miss his tools, best practices, and resources that will have you owning your piece of America and building the generational wealth we all desire to have. 


Once the interview starts: 

0-630: His story of being a Ukrainian immigrant who wanted a taste of the American dream. 

630-1120: The two things that lit his flame in building ADPI while still in the uniform.

1120-1906: His focus issue at the beginning of building his passion and the tools and principles that made the difference for his growth. 

1906- 2447: The two problems Active Duty Passive Income seek to solve. 

2447- END: How to get connected with ADPI and Markian's three Golden Grenades: 1) Positive Mental Feedback Loop 2) Knowing your Financial Freedom Number 3) Spend time selflessly educating your team


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