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The Ambitious VET Show

Oct 11, 2019

As a veteran making a career change - or struggling with one - would you prefer to have an 84% chance of success or only 28%? If you'd prefer a greater chance of success.. listen to this conversation with Matthew J. Louis where he dives in the three reasons why we struggle during the transition into the civilian workforce and how to overcome the loss we experience when taking off the rank, awards, and camaraderie around us. 


Once the interview starts: 

0-5 minutes: What few people know about Matthew J. Louis. 

5-8 minutes: How he found traction once the uniform came off and what tools he used to do so. 

8-12 minutes: The moment him and his pregnant wife were laid off in a new city and new home and what he learned from it. 

12- 18 minutes: The three reasons why we struggle with the transition  into civilian job market and tools on how to get ahead of them.  

18- 23 minutes: Matthew's three #GoldenGrenades 


23- END: How find out more about Matthew's book and what he is doing to empower Veterans in optimizing their career opportunities.


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