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The Ambitious VET Show

Oct 20, 2019

Ever felt like your life is a mess? What if you could turn your mess into a message? Ryan, after years battling childhood trauma and combat PTSD, the result was multiple life-threatening diagnoses and 5 near-death experiences. Through self-discovery, Ryan has transformed his life and has made it his mission to share his gifts and talents to positively transform the lives of others. If you are ready to gain the #goldengrenades needed to thrive, not survive life with PTSD, this is your episode with 2x Tedx Speaker, Author, Army Combat Veteran, and Founder of World Of Dog Training, Ryan Matthews. 


Once the interview starts: 

0-4 minutes: What very few people know about Ryan Matthews. 

4-7 minutes: How buying a dog training franchise gave him the traction needed to build confidence. 

7-10 minutes:His battle with PTSD

10- 18 minutes: His failure at the peak of his dog training career. 

18- 21 minutes: The moment he decided to become a master, not an expert. 

21- 28 minutes: His passion projects right now. 

28- 31 minutes: Ryan's three #GoldenGrenades

31- END: Ryan's special offer and conclusion of the show. 


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