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The Ambitious VET Show

Jan 19, 2020

Ever felt forced out of something that gave your life so much meaning and purpose, just to fall into the familiarity of being back in your hometown again? Your comfort zone is a dangerous place and Frank Manteau shares his story on how he was medically forced out of the Marine Corps into the unknown world and made it happen through finding his tribe to plug into, understanding his values, and finding opportunities to innovate any where he could in the years leading up to his brand new passion project, (CRE) Crayons Ready to Eat, that is beginning to take United States Marines by storm. 

Once the interview starts: 

0-4 minutes: How this clown got forced out of the circus

4-7 minutes: The one thing you do not tell your SgtMaj when wanting to stay in the Corps

7-12 minutes: Dealing with divorce, jumping job to job, and taking a big leap out of his comfort zone a few years after military service 

12- 14:30 minutes: The one skill he wasn't able to leverage in his inventory when taking the leap to San Diego 

14:30- 17:15 minutes: The moment when he got off the wrong bus stop and found his next opportunity 

17:15- 20 minutes: How he grew a heavy duty equipment department to 50,000 a month by simply leveraging his Marine philosophy

20- 22 minutes: When he decided to walk away from financial stability and go after what he is worth 

22- 26 minutes: The next steps he took to begin building his own woodworking company

26- 28 minutes: Frank's "DON'T DO WHAT DIDS"

28- 29 minutes: The story of how CRE was formulated 

29- 37 minutes: How he plugged into wise council to get to the next level of executing his passion 

37- 42 minutes: Bunker Labs plug 

42- 43 minutes: Frank and teams Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to fulfill on the demand for Crayons Ready to Eat globally

43- END: Frank's three #goldengrenades


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