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The Ambitious VET Show

Feb 2, 2020

If you are dealing with constantly being placed in positions you don't want to be in out of fear of lack, not having enough, or even not feeling enough, I encourage you to listen to episode where Rich Cardona, Marine retired Captain after 17 years shares is landmines he hit the first fews years of getting out and how he found his purpose in accelerating a virtual connection with potential clients, strategic partners, potential employers, etc, through video marketing where he has now worked with some of the biggest influencers, thought leaders, and veteran entrepreneurs in our community. 

Once Interview Starts: 

0- 3:21: In Rich’s own words, what does he do?

3:21- 8:14: Overcoming the fear of video online, the number one thing you need to focus on when starting your social media video marketing strategy, and how Rich helps with the process. 

8:14- 15:27:  After getting out of the United States Marine Corps as a Captain, doing all the right things to become marketable, but still being forced into positions he didn't want to be in, here Rich explains how he began to discover what he wanted out of life. 

15:27- 18:40: How to check yourself on your shit in building a quality personal brand post military. 

18:40- 23:12: Video Marketing is becoming a trend—  How this is creating more opportunity for Ambitious VETs who want to become more in their lives, careers, and business'

23:12- 27:00  3 Golden Grenades- 

                1) What was the last productive thing you did that had you forget time exists?

                2) Be part of the conversation

                3) How to not rest on your Military glory days and still go after what you want. 

27:00- END: How to find and connect with Rich and his final thoughts. 

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