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The Ambitious VET Show

Feb 10, 2020

In this episode you will get the tools to keep life and business simple. Erick Castro from Kana Subsurface Engineering Construction Company explains his simple but challenging philosophy of how he went from Active Duty Army to building a company from two employees to twenty-five and 5 million a year. 

Once interview starts: 

0:00- 5:30: How Erick is showing how a perceived "broken" Army Veteran is building something that last.     

5:30- 8:30: How he took advantage of an opportunity that presented itself. 

8:30-  11:30: His mentality around gaining an edge on the competition. 

11:30- 17:04:  Relationship building, increase revenue, and succeed at scaling your business and career.

17:04- 21:40: Why is the utilities industry one of the highest rating Veteran recruiting opportunities out there.  

21:40- 24:21: Erick's Three Golden Grenades.

24:21-  END: How to take advantage of KSE's opportunities and connect with Erick. 

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