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The Ambitious VET Show

Feb 13, 2020

In this episode you will walk away with a brand new out of the box way of thinking on how to raise your perceived value through a few key communication skills that if implemented get you ahead of resume writing, skill translation, and other having to sell yourself tactical approaches that only leave you underemployed, unfulfilled, and not satisfied. 

Once the Interview Starts: 

0:00- 2:00 : The different hats Glenn wears and his personal philosophy of vanity metrics. 

2:00- 4:30: What is missing inside the Veteran community to have us be more connected and trusting in one another. 

4:30- 10:30: How to separate yourself from the rest in gaining the opportunities you need to feel like you are on track to living a life you want to live. (FYI its not resumes or skill translation)

10:30- 17:30: How OSD got into hearts of active duty military members and have mastered how to plug them into their Veteran Support Ecosystem that has served over 1,000,000 veterans and their families to date. 

17:30- 20:40: Announcing their Xbox partnership and $250,000 matching gift game to serve another 800,000 veterans and families. 

20:40-  27:18: Glenn’s three golden grenades. 

27:18- END:  How to connect with OSD and Glenn. 

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