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The Ambitious VET Show

Feb 26, 2020

In this episode you will walk away with how to deal with being misunderstood inside your current circumstances, the difference between the Military organizations and the current C-Level Corporations that struggle to retain the military talent pool, how to leverage basic fundamentals learned from our military experience to perform at the highest levels of business. 

Once Interview Starts: 

0- 3:30: Patch's passions, frustrations, and missions in life right now. 

3:30- 13:00: How to deal with being misunderstood and out performing the rest inside your chosen career path.    

13:00- 26:50: How he got past the earlier failures of military transition and his perspective on why corporations can't retain veteran talent. 

26:50- 47:00: Practical knowledge on how to leverage key military diddies to have an edge in the market place, how to over a common misunderstanding around bootstrapping, and much more here. 

47:00- 49:30: The Green Monster Effect 

49:30- 57:00: Patch Baker answers Ben Killoy's question from Military Veteran Dad Podcast: "What is a question people should be asking you but often don't know to?"

57:00:- End:  Patches’ Three Golden Grenades- 

  1. Fundamentals 
  2. Compartmentalize information 
  3. Always position improvement 

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