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The Ambitious VET Show

Mar 5, 2020

In this episode you will walk away with the three essentials to building a LinkedIn Profile that creates sustainable and lasting career advancement and allow the clients, strategic partners, and potential employers you want to work with find you faster. 

0- 2:45 minutes: Greg's personal philosophy and how after 28 years of service still doesn't prepare you for the military transition coming. 

2:45- 5:20 minutes: What is LinkedIn in the middle of a booming technological communication age?              

5:20- 7:40 minutes: How LinkedIn differentiates from other social media platforms when it comes to professional opportunity. 

7:40- 17:21 minutes:  First essential to focus on is setting up a LinkedIn profile and Greg shares the three sections to focus on first to set yourself up for success. 

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17:21- 21-50 minutes:  Second Essential, how LinkedIn is perceived in the marketplace.           

21:50- 27 minutes: Third essential with Greg’s LinkedIn best practices to gain the professional networking, career, and business opportunities you are looking for globally. 

27:- 29 minutes: FREE Special Offer from Greg to get your LinkedIn kickstarted and on the right track.   

29:00-END- How to take advantage of Greg's offer and connect with him.                     

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