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The Ambitious VET Show

Mar 19, 2020

In this episode you will walk away having gained the mental hacks on how to get past PTSD, how to connect in veteran advocated spaces that aren't only about smoking, drinking, and talking about glory days, but are in fact intentional on following through on what they talk about is the next steps, and Jeremy's philosophy on how he used "areas of opportunity" to stay unstuck and in forward motion in his life after military service to be considered Kentucky's veteran of the year. 

Once the interview begins: 

0:00- 3:00: Jeremy's earn it mentality while seeking success and passion. 

3:31- 10:40:  After getting out and completely loosing his identity, Jeremy shares here how he leveraged his traits in the military and shifted his mentality from victim to victor during hard times, figuring himself out to becoming what he wanted to be in the marketplace. 

10:40- 15:20: Why hanging out at the VFW's and American Legions aren't cutting it for Post 9/11 veterans.  

15:20- 18:17:  In the face of imposter syndrome, losing identity, and not feeling like an asset to the country anymore, how do you stay on mission.  

18:17- 24:22: How to have goals, be relentless in their pursuits, and find ways to fill your gaps along the way.

24:22-  Jeremy's Three Golden Grenades. 

25:00- END: How to find Jeremy and connect with what he is doing. 

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