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The Ambitious VET Show

May 16, 2020

In this episode you will walk away with a new perspective on how to serve a cause way bigger than bullets, crisis, or just trying to pay the bills. What would be like if you were able to gain the tools needed in the toolbox to come out of this Covid-19 pandemic more valuable, more impact, and better equipped for massive impact in the marketplace. Matthew Griffin, Co-Founder of Combat Flip Flops breakdowns the behind scenes moments of their successful Shark Tank episode, how he learned to take an idea from inception to execution, and how you can improve yourself for better during these times of challenge. 

Once the Episode Begins: 

0:00- 2:30 min: Personal Background on Matthew Griffin 

2:30- 7:00 min:  How Matthew Griffin shifted his mindset from bullets to business in conflict areas which in turn brought a better world for all of us to live in. 

7:00-8:43 min: How in the middle of chaos a great idea can still come to the surface if you are open minded to it PLUS behind the scenes of what its like to be on Shark Tank and absolutely tame the sharks!  

8:43- 9:30 min: What’s Griff’s insight on how to build the courage to execute on your ambitions. 

9:30- 13:23 min: How your military experience holds the keys to your leadership success out of the uniform.  

13:23- 14:56 min: Tools and toolbox- how to develop the soft skills needed to succeed at a big level. 

14:56- 22:26 min: In the middle of chaos lies opportunity.                           

22:26- 24:37 min: What’s next for Combat Flip Flops?

24:37- 26 min: How being unarmed in conflict areas allowed him to be recognized amongst country leaders! 

26- 28:37: Golden Grenades- 

            1) Patience..

            2) Treat the body like you will live in it the rest of your life- level of fitness and will be able to lead more effectively over time. 

            3) Self-Talk- First thing you think is “I am going to fuck it up” or “It may not be perfect but I will learn from it- Leading me toward my win or leading me away from my goals? 

28:37- END: How to learn more about Combat Flip Flops 


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