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The Ambitious VET Show

May 21, 2020

In this episode you will walk away knowing how to leverage your soft skills you naturally hold as a post 9/11 millennial veteran to create an increase in opportunity in life, career, or business. In addition, how to execute with a quality service that brings endless referrals- JDog style!  

0:00- 2:30 min: The first days of Jdog in a Home Depot parking lot on a Saturday afternoon. 

2:30- 5:00 min: Why he joined the military and what initial jobs he had after his military transition. 

5:00- 10:21 min: How he built the human capital needed to survive recessions, failed businesses, and rebuild from scratch in a totally different industry. After 7 years in retail making someone else a lot of money PLUS the story behind the "BullDog" on their marketing material. 

10:21- 13:03 min: The "One Thing" Jerry does to stay adaptive during potential challenging times. 

13:03- 17:00 min:  How to gain a competitive advantage with your "veteran status" 

17-  19:00 min: Customer its all about emotion- grandfather served- family served- immediate respect- American People want to serve veterans- CEO’s and everyday people- tactically use the leverage- 

19:00- 22:15 min: Executing a quality service and how JDog is creating a ecosystem of veterans looking to re-enlist into the military community while creating profit margins. 

22:15: 26:10 min: The turn-key Jdog training and development process to becoming a franchisee of theirs. 

26:10- 29:17 min: Jerry Flanagan's three #GoldenGrenades for you as an Ambitious VET! 

29:17- END: How to learn more about Jerry and Jdog Junk Removal & Hauling, plus carpet cleaning. 

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