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The Ambitious VET Show

May 30, 2020

Have you ever felt like your communication was not moving your desired end result forward? OR - Maybe you feel like you fit into the veteran stereotype of you are better off seen not heard. How do you increase your communication skills to an executive level which gets high performing results? Along with key mind hacks on getting ahead of the god awful comparison insecurity we all fall victim too at some point when seeking more in life and much more in this episode with Aaron Spatz, United States Marine Commissioned Officer Veteran and Founder of Bold Media. 

Once Interview Starts: 

0:00-10:16 min- Challenges in building a personal brand and how to give up chasing the bullets on the resume and make it about the journey.

10:16- 13:50 min- How to overcome the fear of comparison and self-doubt so you can live with confidence and power. 

13:50- 19:00 min- You don't need to prove yourself! All you need to do is this..        

19:00- 30:00 min- Debunking a "better seen not heard veteran stereotype" 

30:00- 32:35 min- Seek to understand not force and some tactics and frameworks on how Aaron and I have been successful in doing so. 

32:35- 35 min- Industry jargon could stop you-  this is how you can overcome it! 

35- 36 min- Inspecting verses Assuming 

36- 44 min-How marketing is changing during these times and how durable brands last during times like this. 

44- END- Aaron's Three Golden Grenades: 

        1) Finding a mentor you like and how to leverage one

        2) Goal-setting philosophy 

        3) To find something service driven- Scratch that service itch.

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