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The Ambitious VET Show

Jun 6, 2020

This time right now in history when racism, systematic injustice, and a global pandemic has us human beings globally exposing our deepest insecurities, fears, doubts- it's important to find media that will inspire us into progressive action that forwards humanity not pushes it back. How are you protecting your mind from bias narratives that may or may not even be what’s going on? If your ready to protect your mind during a noisy and dramatic world right now and equip yourself with the tools and tactics to keep your mind on your goals this will be your episode with Heroes Media Group, Founder Adam Bird. 

Once the Interview Begins: 

0:00- 4:32 min: The basics of media and what you need to know about it. 

4:32- 9:40 min: The problem with media today, how to navigate the left and right wing opinions, and how to not confirm to a lazy thinking societal norm. 

9:40- 14:54 min: Three tactics to protect your mindset for peace, clarity, and prosperity.

14:54- 17:54 min: Untwisting the media agenda and creating open loop story telling. 

17:54- 21:00 min: How to reset yourself for optimal performance in life, career, and business. 

21:00- 25:00 min: Bringing good inspiring stories of Heroes in your local communities. 

25:00- 29:00 min: Many hands bring light work. 

29:00- 30:00 min: The myth that chasing the dollar will make you happy, the endless pursuit! 

30:00-END: Adam's three #GoldenGrenades: 

1) Volunteer 2) Find your purpose 3) Believe in yourself 

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