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The Ambitious VET Show

Jun 12, 2020

One of the most expensive things you will ever own is a closed mind- How do you as an Ambitious VET continue to reinvent yourself, open your mind to new possibilities, while not jeopardizing your well being, stability, and relationships along the way? In this episode you will walk away with hacks on how to balance two or three major projects in life,  resources on discovering your top 5 things that you are a master at, and much, much more with the Co-Founder of the third most funded fashion campaign on Kickstarter- Original Grain and a brand new health/wellness company The Art of Enso Superfoods- Andrew Beltran.

Once the interview begins: 

0:00- 8:00 Min: Falling victim to tunnel vision, not being able to connect with people, and finding clarity through service and self-realization. 

8:00- 12:00 Min:  What to do with white space in your calendar, executing on good ideas, and a quick mindset hack on increasing productivity.       

12:00- 15:00 Min: Finding your black sheep. 

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15:00- 26:30 Min: Unconscious lessons learned that are not realized until 7 years later and thousands of dollars lost. 

26:30- 31 Min: Finding balance in the midst of a crisis. 

31- 34 Min: Andrew's Three #GoldenGrenades: 

      1) Establish benefits- checkin with yourself- fill in what is needed. 

      2) Reinvent Yourself

      3) Start today


34- END: Where to connect with Original Grain Watches, The Art of Enso Superfoods and Andrew. 

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