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The Ambitious VET Show

Jun 19, 2020

During a slow season in life- just like the hurry up and wait lifestyle you may remember inside your respected branch in the military, it's important to ask yourself difficult questions to understand your self more so you don't loose the fire along the journey towards your next mission in life. Are you ready to not only find out what matters most to you but also how to execute in away that brings you joy and others around you? Well, tune into this episode as you will gain the #goldengrenades needed to design a vision that inspires you into action, despite immediate circumstance or fear limitations. 

Once the interview begins: 

0:00- 6:16 Min: The power of using paralleled ideas in story telling to effectively influence and persuade people.

6:16- 6:50 Min: How Khemit leverages his passion for fiction content to tell better stories in his life. 

6:50- 10:21 Min: His decision making process walking away from a fortune 10 company to chase what he wanted. 

10:21- 11:26 Min: Uncover what’s most important to you and not falling victim to desperation.

11:26- 18:50 Min: A model to better understand FEAR. 

18:50- 22:11 Min: Leaving security to discover deeper levels of satisfaction in life.

22:11- 25:51 Min: Why you don't know what you want and how to make sure you are leading yourself in the right direction. 

25:51- 30:00 Min: Building momentum in your life, career, and business.

30:00- 33:00 Min: Building a life story that you are proud of. 

33:00- 38:00 Min: Khemit's Three #goldengrenades:

                   1) Learn your values-move in that direction

                   2) Take care of yourself in all different areas of life

                   3) Don’t trivialize your suffering

38:00- END: Where to learn more about The Character Arc and other resources Khemit provides professionals looking to improve their lives after the military.

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