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The Ambitious VET Show

Jul 3, 2020

Over 40 million American’s alone have been laid off due to the pandemic- leaving us questioning ourselves, are we really essential in our work? Maybe you are in a boat where you are looking at your options and second guessing your value, skill sets, and goals? If this is you- you aren't alone and in this episode Terry Wagner of Motivated Military Movers explains exactly how he puts things into perspective by referencing it to his military training and past experiences so he stays adaptable and overcoming whatever life throws at him. 

Once the Interview starts:

0:00- 3:31 Min: Terry's background and how is Hawaiian roots creates immediate trust and connection with people. 

3:31- 9:48 Min: What Terry focused on in his three year gap between getting out of the Navy and launching MMM.                     

9:48- 13:00 Min: How military training equips you for entrepreneurship and the ability to succeed.

13:00- 18:00 Min: Terry's four tools in building mental toughness after the military.  

18:00- 24:00 Min: How seeing landmines in the future can be your superpower during these times and increase your economical value in the marketplace. 

24:00- 28:50 Min: A funny story around is formal education and how he didn't sacrifice his military training to conform to the civilian sector. 

28:50- 31:00 Min: The number one skill that Terry leveraged from his military training that allowed him to accelerate his impact and success of Motivated Military Movers without any formal education.  

31:00- 33:14 Min: Motivated Military Movers philosophy- quick employment process, and vision to having moving become a new trade that veterans and thrive inside of.

33:14- 39 Min: How the veteran-status gets you in the door- but you still need to back it up once inside.

39- END: Terry's Three #GoldenGrenades: 

        1) Have some goals- keeps you moving towards something.

        2) Have a team- you need a support system- you don’t last long alone. 

        3) Self-Belief, mental toughness- you have gotten through something worse in the past.

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