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The Ambitious VET Show

Jul 9, 2020

Many of us deal with loss, depression, grief, and anger in different ways- and in these times you maybe dealing with one or multiple of these emotions. If you are, there is nothing wrong- you don’t need to RANGER up and prove to everyone your tough, we already know that! You also do not have to stay in helplessness, hopelessness, and in a doubtful mindset. In this episode you will walk away the #goldengrenades needed to be a high performing leader without suffering in silence anymore!

Once the Interview Starts: 

0:00- 9:00 Min: Jennifer's background and three pivotal dramatical experiences that would have 98% of people give up and commit suicide, but not her- now she considers herself a medal head! 

9:00- 14:40 Min: Scars that people cannot see and how to not have them define who you are.

14:40- 15:40 Min: Not being defined by labels, working for the next achievement verses finding your personal value within.

15:40-18:00 Min: Everyone comes to the ledge differently, how it doesn't matter if you broke a moral code or carry a chemical imbalance, and what is most important. 

18:00- 22:41 Min: Turning a pile of shit into beautiful flowers by becoming a great marksman.

22:41- 33:00 Min: Five things we cannot control- and what to do about it. 

33:00- 37:00 Min: Jennifer's Three Golden Grenades- 

             1) Loose the battle- win the WAR- define your WAR! 

             2) Don’t want pity- find respect in community! 

             3) Tribe- making sure you matter and surrounding yourself with people that make you feel that way! 

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