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The Ambitious VET Show

Jul 16, 2020

You maybe feeling resigned, pissed-off or frustrated with what is going on in the world today. And you know what- I get it, it's competitive for all of us in today’s marketplace. Rather, you are a veteran furloughed employee looking for advancement or veteran-owned business looking for a clientele to expand your runway to continue to do what you love. In this episode, our promise to you as an Ambitious VET is you will walk away with the communication, resourcefulness, and training basics that were instilled inside you in your never ending continuous improvement military training. 

Once interview starts: 

0:00- 3:00 Min: Where the continuous improvement mindset came from inside Laurie Sayles. 

3:00- 10:15 Min: Back when there was no exit strategy of the military, terminology gaps within the new world we live inside of and one communication skill we need to learn to develop to get what we earned while serving in the military uniform.                                            

10:15- 14:53 Min: How leverage your TITLE to negotiate your salary that 80% of people fail to do because they lack this one thing.                              

14:53- 19:12 Min: Adapting to new digital communication styles to influence and persuade. 

19:52- 26:43 Min: Why Ambitious Vets need to be focusing on investing into themselves now more than ever.          

26:43- 30:00 Min: How do we fight this competitive marketplace with the soft skills we naturally have. 

30:00- 33:30 Min: Laurie's Three Golden Grenades- 

1) Transfer your buddy system in the military to networking in the real world while maintaining the relationships. 

2) Show-Up. 

3) Discipline embodies your greatest valued asset. 

33:30- END

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