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The Ambitious VET Show

Jul 23, 2020

We live in a world where 80% are falling victim to problems and circumstances that we all have been dealt, waiting for everything to be back to normal so they can continue to go back the rat race they were running before. What if you could use this time to accelerate your learning through a simple formula to understand anything you are looking to improve on right now? Imagine coming out of this new normal more competent and knowledgable than you have ever been in the industry you are most passionate about?  Mike Nasche breaks it down shotgun style on this episode! 

Once the show starts: 

0:00- 4:30 Min: Shift your attitude, shift the direction of your life! 

4:30- 10:00 Min: The four levels of understanding and how to get back into the beginner mindset. 

10:00- 17:35 Min: How to give up the victim mentality and a simple framework to follow to create an effective feedback loop. 

17:35- 24:30 Min: Not settling for anything less than a passion driven life, what had him pivot into the construction industry, and one resource that is fueling his success past his insecurities and fears. 

24:30- 27:40 Min: How to decide on a essential industry and opportunity that isn't going to take food off your family's table. 

27:40- 29:45 Min: A story of humility when he was laid off in his first career in the summer of 2008 with a toddler and new born baby. 

29:45- 35:30 Min: Mike's Three #GoldenGrenades:

1) Mindset- what you say about you is more important then what they say about you. 

2) Constantly be putting new tools in your toolbox, learn new skills and study successful people (always be learning). 

3) The Last Dance- Are you willing to put in the work- nobody cares, work harder! 

35:30 - END: How to learn more about TUFF Construction Solutions and connect with Mike Nasche: 

Connect with Mike Nasche on Linked here. 

TUFF Construction Solutions 

Mike Nasche's "More than a Grunt" Instagram Page

TUFF Construction Solutions Website

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