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The Ambitious VET Show

Jul 30, 2020

Do you feel like you are doing all the right things because family and friends are saying you are but the “what if” is still there inside your heart? Maybe you have the good old J.O.B but are lacking the structure to fulfill on what you really want in life? In this episode with the one and only John Lee Dumas of EO Fire, an Army veteran turned 7-figure entrepreneur will spark your fire, passion, and provide the #GoldenGrenades needed to keep going inside the trenches! 

Once the show starts: 

0:00- 3:22 Min: John's 6 year struggle and searching post military journey through law school, corporate finance and commercial real estate and how he discovered what both inspired him and others around him. 

        Recommended resource: Audible-

3:22- 5:17 Min: John's number one landmine, how to not have landmines blow off your legs or arms for good, and finding your ONE THING to be consistent at for long term massive growth!  

       Recommended readings here: Slight Edge & Compound Effect

5:17: 7:29 Min: One question to ask your consumers who have the problem you are committed to solving that will continue to keep your growing and advancing as a business leader! 

7:29- END: JLD's Three Golden Grenades in living a fulfilled and satisfied life:

            1) You are not being productive. Don't confuse "busy" with "productive" Produce the right content at the right times! 

            2) Discipline- if are not happy or satisfied- you are not planning your day. This is another reason why you are struggling!

            3) Focus- one course until completion. String those together overtime. 

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