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The Ambitious VET Show

Aug 6, 2020

When life feels uncertain and the world’s media is controlling the narrative, how do you as an Ambitious VET frame your own narrative based on your struggles from past chaotic times to boost your relevance, human connection, and social currency? What if you could bring that same deep bond and tribal like culture of the military to your life now out of the uniform and have people buy into the who, what, when, & how of YOUR strategic narrative. 

Key parts of the show in order: 

  1. Scott's 23 year Army journey and personal story on how he almost gave up during the transition and what kept him going. 
  2. Going from tribal to opportunistic (individual) culture and how to retune yourself for success! 
  3. "Beware of the snakes in the head"  the "what the hell's I am doing?" "These people don't understand" and how to grab those snakes by the heads and not allow it to destroy your life. 
  4. Personal Story of when Scott began to question his relevance and how we overcame it. 

          The Generosity of Scars TEDx Talk in 2019. 

     5.  How to go below the waterline and accelerate trust in relationships both personal and professionally. 

     6.   The four things he discovered in some of the most low trust areas in the world serving as a Green Beret that if implemented allows you to connect and navigate on your terms no matter where you find yourself in the world.

     7.  "Logic makes people think, emotion makes people act, and relationships are the greatest conductor of emotion" 

     8.  Relationships are your portfolio- how do we accelerate trust using a simple common sense tool and more. 

     9.  Generosity of Scars  

         -How to own your story and not have your story own you. 

         -How we can break down the pillars of entitlement 

         -Repurposing your scars to service others which creates a level reciprocation. 

     10.  Framework of impactful story telling, narrative competence, and how to control the narrative in conversations around you. 

      11.  Creating a story worthy of primetime! 

      12.  Ambitious VET Hot Seat Questions from a few Ambitious VETs. 

      13.  Scott's upcoming Rooftop Live event on October 2-4th, 2020. 

            Which will allow you to gain relevance during uncertain times by learning to: 

            -Own your life 

            -Own your story 

            -Own every room 

More information on Rooftop Live here: 

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Here is how to connect with Scott and discover more about what he is doing to empower you to lead in high stakes low trust environments: 


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