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The Ambitious VET Show

Feb 5, 2018

In this episode: Daniel talks about how he shaped the past two years of his military life around launching his passion for helping military service members and their families to let go of the MATH and focus on the behavioral answers on how to accomplish what matters most them financially!

-He breaks down an awesome 'easy to do' formula on how to position yourself for success in your desired nitch out of the uniform
-Know your What if's to accelerate your transition process
-2 Seeds you need to be planting before 2018 to NOT be in the same position you are in now financially
-His time management system that enabled him to walk out of the military next February with a Masters Degree, multiple Certs, & a strategic network that will allow him to jump right into entrepreneurship

This week's featured guest Daniel Kopp is an Air Force officer currently transitioning from active duty into the Air Force Reserve. During his 9 years on active duty, Daniel has served as an Air Battle Manager flying on the E-8C JSTARS and in the CRC with deployments supporting operations OND, OEF, CDAG, and MARTILLO. Outside of his official military commitments, Daniel has always had a passion to help servicemembers and their families master their finances. Daniel is the founder of Military Life Planning where his goal is to help inform, educate, and advise servicemembers and their families about the best ways to optimize their finances and benefits by planning their present and future to align with their goals and values. He is finishing up his work toward the Certified Financial Planner designation as well as pursuing a second masters in financial planning. In 2018, Daniel will be stepping into the world of entrepreneurship by launching his own fee-only financial planning firm to build upon the pro-bono work he has been doing for several years and offer more in-depth and long-term relationships to help clients even more.