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The Ambitious VET Show

Jun 3, 2021

What does it mean in the start-up world, when someone mentions TIMING?? This has been a conceptual term in the rules of the game in raising capital, fueling your dreams, and gaining the needed resources to make the impact you are committed to making as a founder outside of your respected military branch. In this episode, you will learn what timing means practically in your business, John's story of triaging his family relationships while helping his first start-up be acquired by Daimler-Mercedes in 2014., and much more! 

Impactful Moments of the Show:
3:00MM: John's background and how he got lucky with his first business exit after 20+ years in the Army.
13:00MM: How to build your valuation, pitching from purpose and not from an exit standpoint. 
18:00MM: Two things John's learned that will save you time, money, and resources in raising capital. 
21:00MM: How to screen your investors so you are talking to the right people in the right room. 
24:00MM: Difference between strategic's and VC's 
28:00MM: The political problem negatively impacting veteran's success post-military. 
34:00MM: Leading a start-up team. 
38:00MM: More on Goodworld, named one of Fast Company’s "World’s Most Innovative Companies" and a top 25 veteran-owned company by Forbes.
40:00MM: Last Golden Grenade- when you gotta commit, commit, but when you do, show it in your actions. 

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