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The Ambitious VET Show

Jul 14, 2018

In this episode: Chaz explains how we went from a kid fishing in the ponds of Kansas- to spending all of his twenties deployed as an 0311 without any fishing- to living out his inner childlike passion and becoming one of the most influential and well know fisherman in the United the States!

We talked about:
-Chaz's defining moment that ignited his passion for fishing again
-His first lesson learned out of the uniform from a mentor that attributed to his "Quality" is #1 message in his branding both personally and professionally
-Power of tenacity and work ethic
-Why being resourceful creates faster opportunity
-How he implemented his military tactics, such as "command and signal" to create two events on both east and west coast that are now annual events
-Power of following your instincts
-Don't miss his story of how he created his brand Cross Bone Outfitters, AMAZING & MOTO DRIVEN!

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