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The Ambitious VET Show

Sep 16, 2021

Are you feeling like you are swimming against the current of your life right now? What about not feeling fully equipped to solve the problems you are dealing with in your life or current leadership role? In this episode, you will learn how to develop an innovative mindset and gain a framework to solve any business, team, or personal life problem stopping your success! 

Impactful Moments of the Show
4:00MM: What is an innovative mindset.
7:00MM: How to shift your mindset above the noise!
10:00MM: A framework to bringing innovation to a problem you are looking to solve. 
22:00MM: The powerful economical impact of asking for more help in life?
26:00MM: Mapping out an action plan.
32:00MM: One last #GoldenGrenade.

Learn more about the innovative mindset challenge and how to connect with Elise here: 

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