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The Ambitious VET Show

Nov 11, 2021

What are you doing nowadays to escape from all this political propaganda noise going on today to take care of yourself and gain perspective on it all? In this episode, you will learn from a patriot raised by a Vietnam War veteran who is supporting veterans to better process emotions and thoughts through horse therapy. 

Impactful Moments of the Show: 
5:00MM: J.R.'s background and a long family line of World War 2 and Vietnam veterans.

8:00MM: His perspective from a dependent seeing his Vietnam veteran dad transition out.

14:00MM: What inspired Veteran Ranch and what makes it different?

20:00MM: The power of horse therapy and the feeling of unbroken loyalty just like the Marine Corps.

28:00MM: J.R.’s one last #goldengrenade

Do you #giveabuck? Learn more about the Veterans Ranch here:

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