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The Ambitious VET Show

Jun 29, 2022

Learning how to communicate inside a new industry's culture can be a challenge after your military transition. Retired Marine Corps Lt. Col. Patrick Kirchner always aspired to use his voice to influence and persuade people ever since grade school. After 31 years of service and honing his craft as a voice talent while still serving in the Corps, Patrick now is the founder of Sound Attention where he offers voice-over services inside a variety of industries. He shares his journey in the Corps starting as an E-1 all the way to when he decided he would go after voice-over work. 

Impactful Moments of the Show: 

4:00MM: Personal brand building.

8:00MM: How a retired Lt. Col of Marines never lost his voice and where to focus in the voice-over industry. 

12:00MM: The power of getting personal brand feedback from your sphere of influence. 

15:00MM: When he identified he had a sexy voice and how he invested in himself to improve.

20:00MM: A Lt. Colonel’s perspective on his military transition.  

23:00MM: What are Patrick’s learned lessons in the voice-over industry.

28:00MM: What is his favorite industry to do voiceover work in.

Connect and learn more about Lt. Col. Patrick Kirchner here: 

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