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The Ambitious VET Show

Jan 26, 2019

Do you feel like something is missing in your life?Do you struggle with keeping a healthy life due to the demands of life?Have you ever felt like you’re not ENOUGH?

These are just a few questions Megan struggled with during her transition trying to create traction out of the uniform! I am sure a lot of you guys who...

Jan 16, 2019

Ambitious VETS! 

There is a time for everything; a time for war, a time for preparation, and a time for healing after a battle. That's what I need to do right now, so I can come back and give you guys all of me again FULLY! For those of you not connected inside the Veteran Empowerment Transition Tribe where over 570+...

Jan 5, 2019

In this episode: Rolo shares how leading with the right intentions can lead you to a passion driven life out of the uniform! We chat about the power of TENACITY & PERSEVERANCE, attention to detail and how it can LITERALLY SAVE YOUR LIFE CHASING YOUR PASSION!

Rolo Abanilla, CEO of Fresh Start Credit Repair & Marine...