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The Ambitious VET Show

Sep 7, 2022

When we transition out of the military we can lack this individual sense of moral ground to stand on to build teams and teamwork around us. Mainly, because we are used to doing what's best for the overall mission and we don't have the creative space to think critically about our individual beliefs. How do you begin developing the self-awareness to understand your moral ground and then also gain the courage to stand in those beliefs while becoming a public leader in your local community and beyond? In this episode, Mayor Josh Penner shares how he softened the edges of his militant enlisted Marine Corps communication style, learned how to build the moral courage to communicate where he stands on important issues without anger, and how we went about learning the rules of engagement becoming a public leader in Orting, WA and beyond.

Impactful Moments of the Show:

4:00MM: Mayor Penner’s background and story of becoming a public leader.

7:00MM: Refining your militant communication style to be more effective post-military.

12:00MM: Mayor Penner’s philosophy on leadership transitional skills from military to public leadership.

15:00MM: Removing labels and having the moral courage to communicate who you are and what you believe.

21:00MM: Penner strategy consulting firm

28:00MM: Last saved rounds from Mayor Penner for veterans looking to improve as a leader post-military.

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