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The Ambitious VET Show

Sep 14, 2022

If you have served in the military, you have experienced the dreaded hurry-up and wait way of performing and getting shit done. It can definitely be frustrating to even think about and imagine the problems that arise when you repurpose it in your personal and professional life post-military. With that said, what if we could take this intense way of executing and apply it in our everyday lives and use the waiting as an opportunity to receive invaluable feedback, resources, connections, or information that could help us live a more fulfilling and satisfactory life? In this episode, Chris shares a simple framework that can be repurposed in any area of life you may feel like "the hurry up and wait" landmine may be stopping you from living a life you love post-military. 

Here is the framework to use in any situation you feel like you are hurrying up and waiting in: 

  1. What’s the desired outcome 
  2. How can I enjoy the process of getting there? Or how can I make it fun? 
  3. What are ways I can ask the right questions from Google, the person in front of me, a group forum, in my network to see it from different perspectives? 
  4. How do I have everyone feel included and appreciated? 
  5. After execution- ask what feedback is there. Find a way to measure it. 

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