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The Ambitious VET Show

Feb 8, 2023

For many military spouses, moving overseas and trying to find employment can be almost impossible. The consequences of not finding employment negatively impact employment history gaps and long-term retirement plans for the whole family. In this episode, Kasie Valenti, Army veteran, military spouse, and Founder and CEO of Sigma Forces shares her story of overcoming employment hurdles as a military spouse moving overseas, how to use a  document called a Status of Forces (SOFA) agreement, and what she is doing to support in veterans and military spouse's career advancement.

Impactful moments of the show:

4:00MM: Kasie’s background.

6:00MM: Employment hurdles Kasie hit when looking for employment overseas and helping recruiters over their knee-jerk perceived barriers. 

12:00MM: How to kick doors down easier using professional certifications. 

19:00MM: Different scenarios on leveraging the (SOFA) for both veterans and mil-spouses.

24:00MM: How a (SOFA) ties to certifications and employment.

28:00MM: Last saved rounds 

Connect with Kasie and learn more about her work at Sigma Forces: 
Sigma Forces Website: 

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