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The Ambitious VET Show

Feb 2, 2019

"How to not let your MISTAKES catch up to your PACE in your pursuit to becoming your best self" -Stephen Colon 

In this episode: Stephen Colon, founder of Knucklehead Promotions LLC and Marine Corps Veteran dives into his story on how he started paying rent at a friends house at the age of 15 and fought his way through the high ranks of the Marine Corps, through the high executive roles of the Corporate world just to come back to you and share all his knucklehead mistakes and share his message of "you don't always have to have it all together to succeed, sometimes you just got to be a Knucklehead. 


0:00-8:00: Intro and his RAW Story in making it through desperate times 

8:00-10:00: His transition story and how he did not have any traction 

10:00:13:00: Story of living in Oki and meeting a badass and shit hot Marine that would later teach him vital lessons 

"Out paced my reckless decisions until I got out!" 

13:00-22:00: Stephen how he eventually got the pace moving after transitioning out 

22:00-30:00: Shares his first #goldengrenade in my opinion in his concept called "Role vs Identity" and how we collapse the two in pursing our next mission 

30:00-40:00: What is Knucklehead as a brand. 

40:00-44:00: Stories of Knuckleheads he has interviewed. 

"My hour of mentorship and being an idiot!" - Stephen

44:00-56:00: Vision of Knucklehead and how to become an insider 

#GetsomeWins #DontbeBeta

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