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The Ambitious VET Show

Feb 11, 2019

In this episode: Sebastian gets RAW and REAL around his journey from the uniform and how he discovered what he calls, "What he REALLY wanted." After reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad while serving in the U.S. Navy, Sebastian set out to be an entrepreneur but after starting his own barber practice while utilizing his G.I. Bill, then pivoting and climbing up to a superior rank in a Financial Network Marketing Company, he shares what he realized about living a life he really wanted verses doing something because he has to do it.

So many of us are willing to die for our country while serving but loose that drive while pursuing our purpose out of the uniform. What if we gave our life to finding our purpose or at least living it out? 

Sebastian explains how in Process over Perfection. 

0:00-8:00 Sebastian's Introduction 

8:00-23:00 Transition Story 

                  #GoldenGrenade alert: The moment he finally felt REAL FREEDOM 

23:00- 26:00 Sebastian talks about pivoting after listening to the Feedback Loop and how he sought after finding his purpose

                   #GoldenGrenade alert: Power of being in NATURE  

26:00- 36:00 Taking the next step and how life will reveal to you why you're not the person you need to be yet to have what you want 

36:00- 46:00 Biggest Failure and What he learned from it. 

46:00- 54:00 How he found traction out of the uniform 

                   #GoldenGrenade alert: Listen for his story of traveling to Columbia with only $150 in his wallet and what he learned from having absolutely NOTHING, this is a powerful part of the interview! 

54:00- 57:00 Sebastian's three #GoldenGrenades to impact your life immediately 

57:00 How to get connected to Sebastian and his journey 

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