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The Ambitious VET Show

Feb 16, 2019

In this Episode: Jeffrey dives into how he matured as a leader in the Army, overcame a health scare that woke him up to his passion for life, and how he has rebuilt the credibility he spent 20 years building in the Army.  


You want to know what it takes to rebuild your credibility and marketable skills out of the uniform, take it from a former 1st Sergeant. 


When the interview starts this is the time stamps: 

0-6:00 Minutes: His Introduction and what the Army made available for him 

6-12:00 Minutes: What did the Army teach him about leadership 

             *GoldenGrenade Alert: Jeffrey shares his pivoting point of his Army career that made him shift his whole perspective on life 

12-15:00 Minutes: Shares the challenges in building leadership 

15-25:00 Minutes: His transition story after 20 years of service 

             *GoldenGrenade Alert: Listen for when he talks about placing himself back into a beginners mindset and what that did for his progress 

25-32:00 Minutes: How he helps leaders build confidence through speaking 

32-35:00 Minutes: Answer a Live Question: TOPIC- How do stop the racing thoughts when trying to get your point across 

35-37:00 Minutes: Jeffrey's definition of leadership

38-42:00 Minutes: Why he started " On The Other Side: Leadership After Transition

42-44:00 Minutes: We discuss back and forth around our similar missions 

46-49:00 Minutes: Answer a LIVE question: Topic: Finding your passion again after conforming to a routine life 

49-51:00 Minutes:  Where to find Jeffrey 

51-56:00 Minutes: Jeffrey's Golden Grenades


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