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The Ambitious VET Show

Feb 24, 2019

In this Episode: Rob "The Warrior Strategist" Garcia dives into the innate skills that are needed to make it inside the business battlefield after service and how to develop SNIPER LIKE FOCUS in executing on the task that bear the most fruit in your business' development. 



When the interview starts this is the time stamps: 

0:00- 12:00 Rob's Story before and after serving actively in the Air Force 

12:00- 14:30 How he found individuality and purpose after being a tow truck driver and owning a couple small business that he just wasn't passionate about 

14:30- 18:20 Failures that led up to becoming The Warrior Strategist 

18:20- 24:00 Why he became the Warrior Strategist 

24:00- 29:00 Why is he so driven and what everyone can get out of fear of loss and experiencing loss in life 

           *Golden Grenade: What shifted Rob's life 

29:00- 36:00 Rob shares for the first time after his FB LIVE nervous breakdown, what caused it and what he learned from it 

36:00- 37:00 Promotes his brand new Tactical Workbook that has be going off like wild fire 

37:00- 45:00 Sharing results he has produced using his strategies and tactics he teaches his clients 

45:00- 49:00 Rob's 3 Golden Grenades 

49:00- End: Call to Action and Acknowledgement of what Rob has been able to bring to the Military Community 


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