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The Ambitious VET Show

Apr 2, 2020

In this episode you will walk away with the insights needed to rebound after multiple pivots after your military transition. Josh explains that sometimes you never find "IT," sometimes you just need to grow through different career opportunities to understand what passion and success means to you. Now, after four different career transitions after the military he is finally doing what he loves  in helping connect the dots with veteran entrepreneurs, transitioning veterans looking to get into tech and IT, and bridging the gap between veterans and employers in San Diego, California and beyond! 


Once the Interview Begins: 

0:00- 3:19:  Josh's philosophy on success. 

3:19- 16:41: After four different restarts after the military transition what Josh found satisfaction in while discovering what mattered to him along the way. 

16:41- 22: 53: Marketing, branding, and recruiting veterans during time of crisis.

22:53- 26:00: How to stand out digitally and in person to land the job, career, or opportunity you desire most.   

26:00- 36:55: Josh's theory on passion and how corporations, employers, and veteran entrepreneurs can win during these times when the United States needs military veterans the most. 

35:55- 47:00: Josh's Three Golden Grenades: 

              1) Self-aware stop being outward focused- seek to understand yourself first and ask difficult questions. 

              2) Relationship Capital- building relationship capital promoting other companies' stuff- never know when you are going to cash in the relationship capital. 

              3) Define Success: How do you feel successful? Simon Sinek- Science of feeling successful-sometimes its not always the money. 

47:00- 50:45: How did get connected with Josh. 

50:45- END: Josh's number one process to defining his own success and keeping life simple during challenging times.

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