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The Ambitious VET Show

Nov 19, 2020

During perceived divided times right now in 2020. It’s important that we as a veteran community stay plugged into a tribe that continues to root each other on. How do we do that and make sure we are networking up not down as we look to close width and destroy our next goal in life? In this episode, you'll learn from Meritorious Co-Founder, Ryan Loya on how to create opportunities through quality strategic networking. 

Impactful moments of the show: 

4:28: No replacement for experience- what he learned from this. 

7:48: How to go from a bunch of jar heads to keeping up with the New Yorker way of life and all his industry pivots along the way.  

11:00: Relationships matter and why they matter in our ambitious pursuits.

20:37: Strategic networking and how to get ROI on it.

23:00: How we can nurture the right relationships during a disruptive time.

Ryan's Three Golden Grenades:

  1. Career Path VS Industry first when looking at vocational goals. 
  2. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. 
  3. Chase your passion not the money.

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